Wild & Organic Lung Health and Immune Support Gummies - 60 Chews

Wild & Organic Lung Health and Immune Support Gummies - 60 Chews

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Your lungs and respiratory tract take on the responsibility of bringing oxygen into your body and sending out carbon dioxide. This is why it is essential for you to provide your respiratory tract with the nutrition it needs for proper functioning. Lung Support Gummies by Wild & Organic are here to help keep your respiratory tract in top shape each day.

It contains stinging nettle and mullein leaf extract. Both ingredients contain natural compounds that may help provide relief from congestion and tightness in the lungs. Vitamin C and pine bark in our gummies are robust antioxidants that seek out and neutralize free radicals found in your system.

Your lungs will thank you for taking these chewable gummies every day. Aside from caring for your lungs . this gummy supplement may also help support daily wellness and immune health at the same time.

Chaga . Cordyceps . Reishi . and Korean red panax ginseng contain nutrients and antioxidants that may help nurture your respiratory tract. They may also help strengthen your immunity and boost your energy levels.

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